Residential Fiber Plans

Kaniksu is now offering fiber internet to most homes and businesses in the city limits of Clark Fork. If fiber isn't available for your home, don't worry, we still offer a fantastic wireless service that can deliver speeds up to 75 Mbps!

Why fiber? Fiber offers nearly unlimited current and future capacity, so as the way you use the internet changes, you'll be ready to go. Additionally, fiber offers a lower monthly unit cost, and has been shown to improve property values.

Fiber Questions?

We have put together some details on our fiber project. Click to learn more about Kaniksu's plans.



Download: 5 Mbps

Upload: 5 Mbps

Unlimited Data

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Download: 100 Mbps

Upload: 100 Mbps

Unlimited Data

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Download: 500 Mbps

Upload: 500 Mbps

Unlimited Data

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Download: 1 Gbps

Upload: 1 Gbps

Unlimited Data

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a seasonal plan option?

For our customers who are here seasonally we offer two options to reduce your costs while you are away. Customers may put their plan on seasonal rates for up to 6 billing periods (months) out of the year. Billing periods do not need to be consecutive, however, to ensure proper invoicing, customers need to notify us prior to being invoiced for that billing period to change their rate plan.

Is fiber internet available where I live?

We currently offer service in most of the Clark Fork city limits, and are currently working on constructing our fiber network in Hope and the Peninsula. If you don't live in these areas, be sure to check out our wireless internet service with speeds up to 75 Mbps. View Coverage Map

Can I change my rate (speed) plan?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan effective on the next billing cycle.

Are there any limits on the internet?

We do not put any limits on how much you use your internet connection.

Can I get a static (public) IP address?

Yes, however due to a limited supply of addresses available on the internet, we must charge $10 per month in order to ensure we have enough for those who need it.

Is phone service available?

Yes! Learn more about our phone service here.