Great Internet, Great Equipment

Things to consider to ensure you have the best internet experience

Equipment Options

Should you lease or buy your router?

  • Lease

    • Starting at $12.99 per month
    • Device and Warranty Support for as long as you lease
    • Equipment Upgrades as technology changes
    • Affordable way to stay current on technology
  • Purchase

    • Starting at $129.99
    • Kaniksu provides warranty support for the length of manufacturer warranty
    • One-time fee, no monthly recurring charge
  • Bring Your Own Device

    While customers are free to use their own routers, Kaniksu strongly encourages customers to use one supplied by us, to ensure full compatibility and a better overall experience. If you do opt to use your own, please remember the following-

    • When using a Kaniksu supplied router, many support related issues can be resolved over the phone, no onsite visit required, and a quicker resolution time.
    • Internet support typically stops at the radio outside the house.
    • Kaniksu would be unable to offer assistance with things like wifi name and password changes.
    • For best speeds and reliability, please ensure your wireless router is an "AC" or an "AX" model router. Call us if you have any questions.