What is Bark?

Bark is an award-winning monitoring and screen time management service founded in 2015 by a parent who was looking for a way to help keep his kids safe online while preserving their privacy. Bark covers 30+ of today’s most popular social media platforms, as well as texts, chat, email, YouTube, and files contained in Google Drive. Bark also monitors images, text within images, audio, and video and has recently added screen time management and web filtering to its suite of safety solutions.

Kaniksu Internet is pleased to partner with Bark to provide Bark Jr for free, and Bark Premium for a reduced cost. Learn more about both services below.

How It Works

Step one


Connect to 30+ platforms to monitor text messages, emails, and social activity for signs of harmful interactions and content.

Step two


Get automatic alerts via email and text when Bark’s algorithms detect potential risks, so you don’t have to comb through every post and text.

Step three


Our expert recommendations make it easy for parents to talk to kids about digital dangers and other sensitive online issues.

Step four


Decide not only when your kids can access the internet on their devices, but also what sites they can visit.

Service Plans



  • Manage screen time
  • Filter which websites your kids can visit
  • Keep up with kids with location check-ins
  • Regular Price $5